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Dangeruss.net was founded in 2000 as a small creative studio by Russ Schwenkler. Our primary goal was promoting modern visuals and concepts, corporate and brand identity, naming, brand manuals and artistic direction to companies who wanted something more. To companies who knew that they need to be different.

Today, Dangeruss.net creates art for, and supports clients across the world. Our illustrations and designs serve client needs spread across all stages of product development, depiction and visual identity. We’ve done work for Microsoft, Ford, Siemens, and a host of young companies and websites on the rise.

Really – Dangeruss.net is about you. Our work is about how you want to position yourself in the market, how you need to communicate your designs, and how you choose to tell the world what you do and who you are. Yet we do have a small story to tell, a peek at who we are.

The primary designers and artists at Dangeruss.net are a father and son team. Our collective experience spans decades and crosses generations. My son Robert and I are avid motorsport, auto, motorcycle, timepiece and technology enthusiasts as well as artists. We bring a level of passion and understanding to our art that few firms can match. We are engaged in the creation and with our clients. We don’t manage the effort, we’re fully involved in it.

We are Russ and Robert Schwenkler, and we are Dangeruss men.

Get to Know Russ:

My nickname stems from my motorcycle road racing days where some racers classified my penchant for late-braking passes as dangerous, which quickly became “Dangeruss.” While I’m no longer fighting for the lead on the track, that same zeal now drives me creatively. Personally, I want to be known as the best digital automotive illustrator – ever. You’ll find that I apply that same motivation to my commercial work. There’s no difference. The way I look at it, is that if the work is not good enough for me, how could it ever be good enough for you.

I am proud to say I learned my base skills the “old fashioned” way using traditional media and B.I. (before the internet). These ingrained observational and production skills provide a foundation that is not reliant on the latest plug-in or software release. Being an early adopter of both 2D and 3D design software offers a depth of familiarity and efficiency those 20+ years of software experience brings. While you might be tempted to read that and think “Russ is old and out of touch” … you’d be dead wrong.

What I do: Create, Innovate, Interpret, Observe, Think, Deliver

What I like: Performance cars, Gifted Racers, Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, Great Design, Humor, Pizza, Working with my son

What I dislike: Pop Stars, Rude People, Internet “tough guys”, Thieves, Making mistakes, Brussels Sprouts

Get to Know Robert:

Being the son of an artist/illustrator, it’s inevitable some of those traits are going to rub off on you over the years, if not inherited to some degree. Fast-forward 30 years and here I am – working beside him. I share, with him, the same drive and commitment to deliver the best work possible, anything less is unacceptable.

My background began in Computer Aided Drafting where my attention to detail was honed daily. During that time I took it upon myself to begin a self-guided journey into design, and ever since then I knew this was what I should be doing. You might say, “well you had your father teach you everything,” and while he’s been instrumental in pushing me to do the best work possible, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I learned most everything I know by reading, doing, creating. Getting my hands dirty, doing REAL work. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure I could accomplish what was necessary. Yet, each and every time I’ve come through and exceeded expectations. I plan to continue that same determination to “get the job done no matter what” for the foreseeable future.

What I do: Design, Scrutinize, Explicate, Imagine, Fulfill

What I like: Great Music, Motorcycle Racing, Quality Coffee, Tattoos, Good Beer, Pizza, Typography, Working with my father

What I dislike: Close-minded people, Most Reality TV, Bad Drivers, Thieves, Green Peas



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